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PRESS KIT - Section 5 - Artwork -

Remaking American Medicine Logos

The following graphics may be used in published articles and other materials about Remaking American Medicine in printed documents or on Web sites. All images will open in another browser window.


Web version GIF-

(.gif) - 9K

Low-resolution JPEG -(.jpg) - 111K

High-resolution JPEG - (.jpg) - 750K


Black and White:

Low-resolution JPEG - (.jpg) - 111K

Low-resolution GIF - (.gif) -10K


Amgen Logo (for broadcast use)

Large Version 16 X 9 (.jpg) - 3.8 MB

Smaller Version 4 X 3 (.jpg) - 420 K

Quicktime Clip - Download it here

Section 1 - Series and Programs

Overall Series Synopsis

Overall Series Release

Program Releases:

1 - "Silent Killer"

2 - "First Do No Harm"

3 - "The Stealth


4 - "Hand in Hand"

  Section 1 - Main Page

Section 2 - Champions of Change

Stories of people featured in the Series.

Dr. Don Berwick
Sorrel King

Julie Moretz
Dr. Anne Peters

Dr. Richard Shannon

Section 2 - Main Page

Section 3 - Campaign Materials

Bylined Articles:

Dr. Carolyn Clancy - AHRQ
Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey - RWJF

Other Materials:

Series Host - John Hockenberry

Bio     Hockenberry Q and A

National Partner List

Q and A with Frank Christopher
Crosskeys Media bio
Quality of Care Statistics
Coalition Information

Section 3 - Main Page

Section 4 - Series Photos

1 - "Silent Killer"

2 - "First Do No Harm"

3 - "The Stealth


4 - "Hand in Hand"

Section 4 - Main Page

 Press Kit - Introduction

Press Contacts:

Frank Christopher:

(805) 966-3700,

Matthew Eisen:

(619) 283-0480,

RAM Logo/Tagline Use

Print and online:
Maintaining consistency is essential regardless of reproduction method.

Logotype colors —
Spot: PMS 3278 C
Process: Cyan 100%, Yellow 55%, Black 5%
Web Match: Green 99, Blue 66

Spot: Pantone Green U
Process: Cyan 100%, Yellow 59%

Logotype size —
The word “MEDICINE” should appear no smaller than 1 1/2 inches (9 picas) wide.

Logotype isolation —
A minimum “clear zone” of approximately the height of the M in MEDICINE should be maintained around the logotype. More generous distance from other elements is always encouraged.

The logotype may appear against any neutral background. Do not obscure the words by placing it over a busy background.

Broadcast Use of Animated Logo:

Until further notice, the animated logo includes the style elements of the graphic logo. In using the style elements of the logo for broadcast, such as in a local production entitled Remaking Missouri Medicine, it should conform to the graphic style. For any variation, permission must be granted by Crosskeys Media.

Logo Font:

Remaking American Medicine = Laser; Tagline = Eras Bold
Size of logo: Minimum size, 2” wide X .75” tall
Copy Font:

Fonts complementary to the logo: Verdana (first preference); Arial (second preference)