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RAM Campaign Resources for PBS Stations



This area of the site was designed for the PBS community. These resources were to assist in coalition building and outreach efforts for the Remaking American Medicine campaign.

The Connect with Others database was designed to help build local coalitions and bring individuals and organizations together to promote quality health care improvement. There are a variety of other ways to use this database including locating organizations that focus on quality issues related to home health care, technology-driven quality improvement, patient safety and other topics.


National Press Kit

All the information about the series and the campaign, including press materials, photos, graphics and more in the press kit.


Sample Champions of Change stories

See them here

Frank Christopher Q&A (Downloadable PDF)

Q & A with the Executive Producer for Remaking American Medicine

RAM Style Sheet (Downloadable PDF)

Style Sheet

Promotional Flyer

Promotional Flyer (PDF file) - NEW!!

This new flyer was easily distributed at local RAM coalition meetings or to people in communities. (Just print front and back on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper and fold over.)


Power Point Presentation

This presentation was developed for QIOs, PBS Statitons and National Partners to use when introducing Remaking American Medicine to other groups or organizations.

Download here

Graphics, Pictures, Logos

RAM Logo - Color     

Click on each logo to download a larger JPEG version.


Remaking American Medicine Photos (Coming Soon)

Publicity photos for use in any materials that PBS stations, Partners, QIOs and RAM coalition members may be developing related to the Remaking American Medicine campaign. These were taken on location during CrossKeys Media's filming for the series.

Photos from Champion of Change stories:

These photos may be used in published articles about Remaking American Medicine in printed documents or on Web sites. Suggested photo captions and credits are included.

Individual station project descriptions

HTML Version           PDF Version

Station resources/deliverables

View and Download them here

Leadership Guide
(Downloadable PDF)

This Guide is meant to serve as an informational and organizational tool that will support the national promotional campaign. Specifically, it is designed to serve as a resource for the scores of community based RAM coalitions that are already assembling across the country. You can download the entire document or in sections.

Leadership Guide - Whole Document (File size - 3.5 MB)


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