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RESOURCES - Leadership Guide

Section 3 - How to Use this Guide

The goal of Remaking American Medicine (RAM) and the national campaign is to stimulate a nationwide dialogue and to issue a call to action, community by community. One of the most important methods of effecting this change will be with the active involvement and support of scores of local coalitions representing everyone -- private purchasers, providers, government and regulatory groups, consumer advocates, patients and their families.

This Leadership Guide is meant to serve as an informational and organizational tool that will support this grassroots initiative. It is designed to serve as a resource for community-based coalitions at all stages of development. For those who are just beginning the process, the Guide includes information about the series and the national outreach campaign including a description of the National Partnership Program and some of the key strategic elements such as the Champions of Change.

It provides suggestions on how you may be able to work with PBS stations and how to establish a local coalition. The RAM team will support you in your coalition efforts by creating promotional materials and by calling attention to the excellent tools and resources produced by National Partners and other organizations dedicated to quality health care. The Guide includes recommendations on how to reach out to local communities and contains background information on two specific issues that will be addressed in Remaking American Medicine -- patient/family-centered care and chronic care.



There are currently more than 30 Remaking American Medicine coalitions forming across the country. We are grateful for their support and encourage you to contact them. We encourage RAM coalitions to focus on the subjects addressed in the series. However, each group is expected to assess their respective communities and proceed with quality initiatives that best reflect local interests, needs and concerns.

Several individuals provided guidance during the creation of this Guide. They are:

  • Jennifer Trotter, communications manager, New
    Mexico Medical Review Association
  • Beth Heinrich, public relations specialist, OMPRO
  • Ferne Barrow, senior director, Outreach, WETA,
    Washington, D.C.
  • Karin Kennedy, program director, Center for Medicare QIO Operations, Health Care Excel
  • Marc McCombs, director of corporate communications, West Virginia Medical Institute

We wish you well in this important endeavor. We know your efforts will have a positive effect on the lives of your friends, families and communities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Remaking American Medicine team at Devillier Communications, Inc. (See Section 18.)


























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