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Remaking American Medicine Tools

Leadership Guide

This Guide is meant to serve as an informational and organizational tool that will support the national promotional campaign. Specifically, it is designed to serve as a resource for the scores of community based RAM coalitions that are already assembling across the country.

Alicia Lang with NurseThe Guide includes information about the series, the national outreach campaign and the PBS Station Incentive Grants Program as well as background information on two specific issues that will be addressed in the series – patient/family-centered care and chronic care. It also features many of the excellent promotional tools and Web resources that are available through our National Partners.

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Section 1 -   Letter from Crosskeys Media


Section 2 -   Overview

Section 3 -   How to Use the Leadership


Section 4 -   Remaking American Medicine

- The Series

Section 5National Outreach Campaign


Section 6Connecting with

         Quality Improvement

         Organizations (QIOs)


Section 7 -   Working Effectively with

                     PBS Stations


Section 8 -  Champions of Change


Section 9 -   Seeking Quality Health Care


Section 10 - Coalition Building


Section 11 - Organizing - Community by


Section 12 - Community Outreach


Section 13 - Coalition Outreach Tools

                     and Resources




Section 14 - Taking Action - Community

          and Statewide Events


Section 15 - Working with the Media


Section 16 - Campaign-related Issues

           16.0 - Patient/ Family-centered Care


16.1 - Chronic Care

Section 17 - Evaluation


Section 18 - Summary/Campaign Contacts



A.  National Partners -

     National Awareness

     Advisory Committee

B.  Quality Improvement


C.  Public Broadcasting


D.  RAM Style Sheet


E.  Resources


Table of Contents