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RESOURCES - Leadership Guide

Section 1 - Introduction

Remaking American Medicine™…Health Care for the 21st Century

“Between the health care we have and the care we could have lies not just a gap,

but a chasm. The American health care delivery system is in need of fundamental change…Public awareness of shortcomings in quality is critical to securing public

support for the steps that must be taken to address those concerns.”

-- Crossing the Quality Chasm:

A New Health System for the 21st Century
2001 Report of the Institute of Medicine

Dear Colleagues:

Remaking American Medicine™…Health Care for the 21st Century
is a four-part primetime television series intended for broadcast on PBS in Fall 2006 being produced by Crosskeys Media®. The series tells the stories of individuals and institutions struggling to address the significant problems that now plague our health care system. It will focus on the breathtaking advances being made in improving the quality of patient care and will feature compelling profiles of providers and patients who are working together to change fundamentally the way health care is delivered in the country. The goal of Remaking American Medicine is to inspire and empower viewers, by demonstrating what transforming the quality of patient care can mean to all Americans.

Remaking American Medicine will also serve as the culmination of a nationwide outreach initiative designed to mobilize the public into demanding – and supporting – sweeping change throughout the American health system. A national public outreach campaign is underway to help spread the word about the pioneering work being accomplished in improving health care. Fourty-four national organizations have agreed to serve as National Partners, including health care providers, purchasers, consumers and patient advocates, health care experts and government and regulatory groups. They are committed to quality improvement and they are encouraging their members to promote the series and become involved in this important campaign.

We are grateful to our lead sponsor, the Amgen Foundation and our major underwriter, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation®. The Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Josiah Macy, Jr., Foundation, The Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality have also provided support for the campaign.

This Leadership Guide was designed to help you participate in this important initiative. We hope it will prove useful to you.




Frank Christopher                                                       Matthew Eisen
Co-Executive Producer                                                Co-Executive Producer
Remaking American Medicine                                       Remaking American Medicine

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