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December 2005 RAM Campaign Newsletter

Want the latest news on what is happening with Remaking American Medicine? Each month the RAM Campaign Newsletter features stories about the latest things happening with local coalitions, the campaign and the production series. All previous RAM Campaign Newsletters are available here.  


Download the PDF Version of this issue here.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Your ongoing commitment to improving the quality of health care for all is so

important and your support for Remaking American Medicine™… Health Care for the

21st Century (RAM) much appreciated. We are grateful for your involvement in this

project over the past year and wish you and your family a wonderful and healthy

holiday season.

Production News

Filming is taking place at a variety of locations around the country this month including:

  • Los Angeles - Focusing on the development of a chronic disease management program by the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services.
  • Georgia - Telling the story of the Medical College of Georgia’s struggle to create patient- and family-centered care in their hospital and in the teaching of medical students, residents, nurses and allied health workers.
  • Florida - Documenting the continuing development of the 100,000 Lives campaign, as well as following Sorrel King and other patient advocates who are participating at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) National Forum.

Campaign News

Coalition Activities

The DCI staff continues to provide technical assistance for your coalition-building efforts. We can suggest strategies and provide examples of work others are undertaking for the RAM campaign. With that in mind, we want to call your attention once again to two very useful items that are on the campaign Web site, The Leadership Guide and the Coalition "White Paper" provide tips and a wide array of consumer tools and resources to frame your outreach efforts on patient- and family-centered care and other related quality issues. Here are two more great coalition examples for your consideration and inspiration.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB)

South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) is partnering with the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care, the state Quality Improvement Organization, and other provider groups to address access to health care. The goal is to inform minorities, rural residents, the underserved and others about their rights and responsibilities. Current coalition members include the South Dakota Department of Health, the South Dakota Nurses Association and the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations.

Efforts will include a special primetime edition of SDPB’s weekend health program, On Call. The station will also host community screenings, discussion groups and statewide family events on issues that will be raised in Remaking American Medicine. One screening will be held on an American Indian Reservation. Collateral materials will target youth and families.

For additional information please contact:

Sherri Rodgers, Education and Outreach Director

Phone: 605-677-6454



WTTW is partnering with the Illinois Foundation for Quality Health Care (IFQHC), the state Quality Improvement Organization, and the American Diabetes Association to address the cultural differences in treating diabetes within the Hispanic and African-American communities.

Working in conjunction with IFQHC, coalition partners have developed an assessment tool to determine the geographical areas most in need of diabetes education. The results will be used to create useful information about diabetes management and prevention for these target communities.

WTTW will produce a program featuring a roundtable discussion and there will be stories about diabetes management and prevention for Chicago Tonight, WTTW’s public affairs program. The station will also produce flyers and posters and develop radio and Web-based activities to support the campaign.

For more information please contact:

Shaunese Teamer, Manager of Community Outreach and National Publicity

Phone: 773-509-5441


Tell us about your Champions of Change

Recently we sent out an E-Alert asking for your recommended Champions of Change -- individuals and institutions that are dedicated to improving health care quality in your community. We’ve just begun to receive your suggestions and encourage you to continue submitting these. We plan to include a number of Champions on and to incorporate their stories, whenever possible, in our media campaign.

We would appreciate it very much if you will provide a brief description of the Champion’s work, what obstacles are being overcome and how their efforts are improving quality of care. If you have photos, please send them along with your recommendation. And please don’t forget to send us both your contact information as well as that of your Champion of Change.

Please send your recommendations to Lee Allen, RAM Project Director at You can also call Lee at 202 833-8121 ext. 3009.

Introduce RAM to Your Members

The RAM team continues to make presentations to Partner members and colleagues.

Recently team members participated in conference calls organized by the American Hospital Association (AHA), the Association for Community Health Improvement (an AHA affiliate) and the National Association for Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI). Teleconferences are an efficient way to introduce your members to RAM and to encourage them to become involved in local coalition activities. Our presentations can be tailored to your needs and structured to meet your time considerations. We can also provide a PowerPoint® presentation for use on these calls. To learn more, contact Lee Allen.

We hope you are visiting the campaign Web site on a regular basis. New information is being added daily including relevant press stories, coalition activities, quality resources and Partner events. We encourage you to let your colleagues know that they can join the campaign newsletter mailing list by subscribing through the site. If you have questions about or have information you’d like to add to the site please contact Allan Childers, RAM Webmaster.

Who to call

Devillier Communications, Inc. (DCI)

Linda Devillier, President: Strategic Counsel, PBS Stations, National Partner recruitment and relationships, QIO support. Available for presentations.
(202) 833-8121 ext. 3005, or

Barbara Lohman, Senior Vice President: Overall responsibility for campaign management, National Partner recruitment and relationships, QIO support. Available for presentations. (951) 340-0010,

Lee Allen, Project Director: Day to day responsibility for the campaign. Serves as official liaison with Partners, QIOs and PBS stations. Manages PBS Incentive Grants Program. Available for presentations. 202-833-8121 ext. 3009,

Ajeenah Amir, Project Coordinator: Responds to all requests for promotional materials such as written materials, series video clips and artwork. Provides overall support to QIOs/ National Partners Program and Web site. (202) 833-8121 ext. 3024,

Allan Childers, Webmaster: Manages Remaking American Medicine campaign Web site. (202) 833-8121 ext. 3007,

Crosskeys Media:

NOTE: Crosskeys Media has a new address and phone number. The new office address is: 2021 Sperry Avenue, Suite #5 Ventura, CA 93003. The new telephone number is noted by Frank’s name. The new fax number is (805) 650-8304. Matthew’s telephone number remains the same.

Frank Christopher, Executive Producer: Remaking American Medicine
(805) 650-8300,

Matthew Eisen, Co-Executive Producer: Remaking American Medicine
(619) 283-0480,


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