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American Academy of Pediatrics -  Safer Healthcare for Kids Program

Executive Summary of AAP program for Pediatric Patient Web Resources - Download it Here


Institute for Family-Centered Care

The Institute for Family-Centered Care (IFCC) is making available Institute for Family Centered Careseveral “Top Ten” lists that you may wish to use in your respective campaigns.

They include:

For Providers: Patients and Families as Advisors – Aimed at health care professionals, these suggestions are meant to encourage providers to incorporate patient- and family-centered care values into their practice.

For Consumers: Patients and Families as Partners – Aimed at family members, this list provides suggestions on how consumers can determine if their health care provider embraces patient- and family-centered care.

Top Ten Advisory Roles - Aimed at patients and family members, this list is meant to encourage consumers to actively participate in health care change.

Top Ten to Ensure Quality Care - Aimed at patient and family members, this list suggests how they can become partners in their own health care and ensure quality outcomes.

Quality Indicators of an Effective Provider - This list helps identify quality health care providers who embrace patient- and familycentered

American Academy of Pediatrics -  Safer Healthcare for Kids Program


The index is arranged by topic and includes information in the following areas: