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RESOURCES - Leadership Guide

Section 12 - Community Outreach

The Communications Committee should provide oversight and be responsible for all of the marketing and promotional efforts. As mentioned earlier, the coalition should include the local PBS station which has a vested interest in the series. The Committee may also wish to invite a newspaper to become a member of the coalition. In addition to mounting a media relations campaign, the Communications Committee should coordinate the following activities:

  • RAM coalition Web site. A coalition Web site can serve as a major resource and vital tool for enlisting community support. It can facilitate information sharing among coalition members, feature the local Champions of Change, provide information about related quality improvement best practices, provide campaign promotional materials and describe the work of the Partner organizations. One of the coalition members may agree to host the site, which can also be linked to
  • Speakers Bureau. In addition to the Champions of Change and the designated campaign spokesperson, the coalition should select quality experts who will make themselves available to the media as well as for public presentations. The Communications Committee will be responsible for seeking appropriate community venues and supporting the appearances of each of these individuals.


  • Marketing materials. Each coalition is expected to produce promotional flyers, brochures or resources guides, such as a Consumer Guide to Health Care Quality. These items can be customized based on templates produced by the national campaign and promotional materials produced by National Partners. They should be accessible on the campaign Web site and distributed at coalition-sponsored events. Ideally, these materials will be bilingual.
  • Advertising. The Committee should consider asking a local newspaper to run Advertorials in support of the campaign. It should also provide ad slicks (e.g., templates) to each of the coalition partners for placement in their in-house magazines and newsletters.
  • Online support. The Committee should encourage coalition partners to have their Web sites link to the campaign site and feature "conversations" with coalition spokespersons and host community forums on the issue. Whenever possible, certain coalition members should be encouraged to produce Webinars or provide videostreaming of important events. The Committee should also send campaign E-Alerts to coalition members, colleagues and employees.
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"Quality improvement experts, doctors, hospitals, consumers and policy-makers must all acknowledge that we can do better and work together to improve the quality of care in a systematic and measurable way for all Americans."

-- A Measure of Quality: Improving Performance in American Health Care
a report from the American Health Quality Association

























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