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RESOURCES - Leadership Guide

Section 6 -Connecting with Quality Improvement Organizations

Clinical Care Specialist Connie Golas takes patient's blood pressure -  Whatcom County Pursuing Perfection Initiative

Thanks to the support of the American Health Quality Association and the authorization of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), scores of Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) are supportive and involved in the campaign. To date, 25 QIOs are forming coalitions and planning activities with their local PBS stations. Some examples include:

The Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation, in collaboration with Alabama Public Television, plans to conduct a series of quality rallies around the state focusing on individuals and institutions that are leaders and proponents of quality health care. These Champions of Change will be featured in a program, produced by Alabama Public Television, that will air in connection with the national series.

In Missouri, Primaris Health and KETC/St. Louis are developing a coalition that will conduct a massive statewide outreach campaign. A key element of the campaign will be a four-part local series that will complement each of the programs
in the national series.


CIMRO-NE, which is partnering with Nebraska Public Television, is developing a coalition that represents a diverse array of Nebraska health care providers, purchasers, consumers, patient advocacy groups, quality experts and government and regulatory agencies.

The New Mexico Medical Review Association (NMMRA) RAM coalition involves all three PBS stations in the state. NMMRA plans to develop local programming with the stations, create a resource guide and Web site, and promote the quality improvement work of the coalition and the series.

Florida Medical Quality Assurance, Inc. (FMQAI), is developing a coalition of community organizations in collaboration with WEDU, the Tampa public television station. The coalition will produce a local call-in program focusing on diabetes in the Hispanic community. The program will demonstrate diabetic care from three perspectives: patient, provider and community organization.


Tip: Appendix B provides a list of QIOs. For an update on their work, log on to and go to Connect with Others to search the database.

"Better care should be rewarded, and thanks to growing support

from health care providers and other stakeholders,

we have better approaches to doing so than ever before."

-- CMS Administrator Mark B. McClellan, MD, PhD




















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