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RESOURCES - Leadership Guide

Section 5 -National Outreach Campaign

The national outreach campaign is intended to help motivate, re-energize and inspire individuals, organizations and institutions to support the improvement of health care in their respective communities. The goal is to stimulate a national dialogue about the importance of improving American health care and to facilitate the development of coalitions that will amplify such a conversation throughout the country.

The outreach effort will promote best-practice models, raise public awareness about opportunities for improving the quality of health care, encourage Americans to become their own health care advocates and maximize the support and resources of the public television system.

National Partnership Program

The National Partnership Program was designed to create a unique synergy while leveraging the credibility and enormous capacity of Partners to
connect with all Americans. As of July 2006, 48 prestigious organizations representing health care providers, purchasers, consumer/patient advocacy groups, quality experts and government and regulatory agencies have agreed to participate as National Partners. Fully committed to quality improvement, these organizations, which reach more than 100 million Americans, support the objectives of the series and the public awareness campaign.


Leaders from each Partner organization serve on the National Awareness Advisory Committee (NAAC). The NAAC’s important advice will guide the implementation of the national outreach campaign. The committee is also encouraging their respective members/affiliates and constituents to become involved in the campaign, participate in local
coalitions and ultimately, join in the quality improvement movement.

National Partners have mounted numerous national campaigns and have produced a wide variety of resources and tools. Their research, quality analysis, statistics, publications, brochures, videos and interactive online forums are referenced throughout this Guide. We do not have sufficient space to
mention all of their good work, so we encourage you to log on to their Web sites and learn more about their commitment to quality improvement.


Tip: Appendix A provides a current list of National Partners and members of the National Awareness Advisory Committee. Or you may visit the National Partners section of

"We need to move beyond the handful of innovators. I believe we have

enough understanding of the problem and enough experience improving

health care to engage a broader group. But they need to understand

what's possible…and how to do it."

-- Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA, president and CEO
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

























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