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PRESS KIT - Section 3 - Campaign Materials

Find out more about the components of the local and national components that are supporting the Remaking American Medicine national outreach campaign. 


Bylined Articles: NEW!

Dr. Carolyn Clancy


Dr. Carolyn Clancy, AHRQ

Web page    PDF PDF    Word


Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey


Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, RWJF


Web page    PDF PDF    Word



Other Campaign Materials:

Doctors Discussing RoundsNational Partner List

Web page    PDF PDF    Word


John Hockenberry

Host - John Hockenberry

Web page    PDF PDF    Word



Frank Christopher

Q and A with Frank Christopher

Web page    PDF PDF    Word



Crosskeys MediaCrosskeys Media bio

Web page    PDF PDF    Word


A doctor assisting a patientQuality of Care Statistics

Web page    PDF PDF    Word


Remaking Missouri MedicineCoalition Information

Web page    PDF PDF    Word

Section 1 - Series and Programs

Overall Series Synopsis

Overall Series Press Release

Program Releases:

1 - "Silent Killer"

2 - "First Do No Harm"

3 - "The Stealth


4 - "Hand in Hand"

Section 1 - Main Page

Section 2 - Champions of Change

Stories of people featured in the Series.

Dr. Don Berwick
Sorrel King

Julie Moretz
Dr. Anne Peters
Dr. Richard Shannon

Section 2 - Main Page

Section 4 - Series Photos

1 - "Silent Killer"

2 - "First Do No Harm"

3 - "The Stealth


4 - "Hand in Hand"

Photos - Main Page

Section 5 - Artwork - Remaking American Medicine Logos


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Artwork - Main Page

RAM Web site Banners:

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 Press Kit - Introduction

Press Contacts:

Frank Christopher:

(805) 966-3700,

Matthew Eisen:

(619) 283-0480,



The materials are available for downloading, in several ways, in Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) PDF and Word (.doc) formats.

You can download each piece separately, the entire kit or view the HTML verison by selcting from the links listed above.